Car Rental Advertising: Increase Your Rent a Car Business in Dubai

Do you run a car rental business in Dubai? Do you have trouble renting out certain cars in your fleet while your competitor leases out his vehicles back-to-back? Are your cars parked in the parking lot waiting to be rented out?

We’ve got two words for you: “Smarten up” and… List your cars on – Dubai’s very own car rental marketplace and enhance your car rental business with great customer service.

Find people who are looking to hire a rent a car in dubai … or rather, be found by people in Dubai looking to rent cars for a day, a month or even a year. Receive enquirers via phone and email from UAE locals and tourists visiting the emirate interested in the cars you have in stock to rent out.

is built to connect customers straight to the car rental companies that offers the specific cars they want to hire. To streamline the search for users looking for rental cars, important filters and features are made available so users of can narrow down their search according to their budget, type of car and other preferences. Gone are the days of relying on repeat business from your loyal clients. Consumers are smarter than ever today, with the wealth of information available at their fingertips.

Traditional online marketing is out-dated

Bombarding marketing emails and SMSes to customer lists you might have bought or considered buying from ‘Online Marketing Companies’ rarely pays off. It surely does more damage than return in the long run. Mostly because such lists are databases gathered from irrelevant sources that won’t even know cars could be rented in Dubai. Marketing to customers who have not subscribed to receive promotions from you is not only a bad practice but can also result in a punishable offence. We on the other hand understand our audiences and have a strong social media presence alongside targeted Facebook, Google and LinkedIn campaigns to pick out the right audiences interested in your particular cars.

While such campaigns might boost inquiries in an instant, they can result in hampering your brand image for the worse as you get more and more ‘Report Spam’ clicks and ‘I never signed up to receive newsletters from you’ unsubscribe requests. This can further take a toll on your website domain and email deliverability reputation rather than increasing your car rent business.


It’s all about good PR

In the current digital age, well-known rent-a-car brands and those that plan to become big in the car rental industry must pay heed to this. Remember that next time before you hit the ‘Send’ button to launch your next email marketing campaign.

Your target audience is here on who find our website because of one main reason: They want to compare prices and rent cars in Dubai. These cars can be anything from economy cars like Rent a Kia Picanto, Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent or Chevrolet Cruze to SUVs including Ford Edge, Nissan Patrol, Chevrolet Tahoe or Kia Sportage and even luxury cars like BMW, Ferrari 458, Audi A5 or Mercedes Benz C-class, to name a few.

Market to relevant audiences

Visitors who reach our website are those that are looking for car rental deals Dubai and also those looking lease a car in Dubai. This is mainly proven from the average duration of time they spend on which is about 4:42 minutes per session. But mostly because our partner rent-a-car companies will tell you how many leads we generate for them, feel free to talk to one of your clients directly to know how we perform.


July 26, 2017


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